My name is Philip Candlish and I was born in Luton, Bedfordshire in 1976.

I have been interested in photography and wildlife since an early age but its only in the last few years that I have pursued both these interests more seriously.

Mostly I like to photograph birds, barn owls are one of my favourites. Watching them hunt so silently over rough, clumpy grassland listening for voles always excites me.

With my wife, I have travelled to the rainforests of Borneo and Costa Rica where I have seen and photographed some amazing wildlife.

My images are taken in Bedfordshire from a few locations. I have a feeding station set up on some private land near my house in Marston Moretaine where I now live. This is where I photograph finches, tits, woodpeckers and variety of birds that turn up to feed there.

Norfolk has a huge variety of migrant and resident birds and the barn owls seem to hunt in the daylight there more than our local owls. My friend and I visit there regularly to photograph these birds.

I have worked as a Bench Joiner since I left school and now am a director of my company in pulloxhill in Bedfordshire, 'Oakhill Joinery' where we make bespoke doors, windows, reception desks, frames, staircases and curved staircases etc....

I enjoy my job and working with timber, starting something from scratch and then ending up with a fine finished product, you can then stand back and see what you have acheived.

I hope you enjoy looking at my images as much as I have enjoyed taking them.
thanks phil..........