A selection of my images are available for purchase from Bedford Street Gallery, 2 Bedford Street, Woburn, MK17 9QB, (01525) 290996 located in Bedfordshre.
These are available in two sizes, A4 print mounted to fit an 11"x14" frame and 5"x7" mounted to fit an 9"x7" frame. When viewing this website i would recomend hitting your F11 Button on your keyboard as this will make viewing the whole screen easier, then when finished just push F11 button again to return to your main screen. Thankyou


A bit of local work....
08th June 2012
Short eared owls....
02nd April 2012
I cant believe..........
14th January 2012
"Wonderful Waxwings"
14th January 2011
A new arrival
13th December 2010
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Rainbow Lorikeet Australia
(Contains 103 photos)
In this portfolio are some of the photos form our trip to Australia in July 2017
Recent Images
(Contains 0 photos)
Here you will find all of my most recent Images, so you can view them before i move them into their correct portfolios.
Goldcrest Common and Countryside Birds
(Contains 41 photos)
Short Eared Owl Owls
(Contains 51 photos)
Fox British wildlife
(Contains 6 photos)
Flycatcher Birds of Costa Rica
(Contains 60 photos)
Costa rica
(Contains 30 photos)
Brown-capped woodpecker Borneo 2007
(Contains 30 photos)
In this portfolio are various images from Borneo, Malaysia Where my wife and i chose to have our honeymoon. What an amazing place!
Eurofighter Typhoon Aviation
(Contains 35 photos)
Here are some of my Aviation images from duxford air show.
Snow Bunting Coastal and Wading Birds
(Contains 28 photos)
Mute swan Wetland and Wildfowl Birds
(Contains 21 photos)
Other Images
(Contains 6 photos)
(Bohemian) Waxwing Waxwings
(Contains 7 photos)
Red Kite Red Kites and Buzzards
(Contains 12 photos)
Red Kites and Buzzards from Gigrin Farm, Mid Wales
Puffin Puffins and Sea birds
(Contains 8 photos)